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Archive Scanning

Archive Scanning

If you have boxes of archived paper, Paperclick will collect, anywhere in the UK, prepare, scan, OCR, and deliver back to you in any format you choose. These files can be searched on any device, anywhere in the world. They can be produced in a format to upload into any existing system you may have to complement your existing processes or to take advantage of automated processes. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.


If you have manual paper workflows, we can automate them and turn the process into an email driven one. The process ends with the file being archived directly into your digital archive. This not only speeds up the process but also avoids mistakes and lost information as the process is right every time.


A clear, easy to understand price model to help you budget. Get a fixed price when we assess the job. This includes every part of the process:
  • Survey plus sample box pre order
  • Collection and redelivery (if required)
  • Preparation (no time limit)
  • Scanning (up to A3 and Duplex)
  • Full Colour
  • Full OCR
  • PDF or TIFF Format
  • Shredding and disposal (subject to written approval daily)
  • Drive for the files (HDD, USB, Cloud)

Process scanning is priced based on a “per sheet” basis and has a starting price of 3p per page based on all the above criteria. However this is more likely to be a bespoke quotation due to the nature of the work.
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