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Post scanning

Post Scanning in Essex

Simply redirect your post to us each morning and we will scan it to your personal inbox or the cloud, or even directly into your DMS! Digitise your paper before it enters your building. Paperclick can also help you with document workflow software once the paper is in your system digitally. Automating your workflows, save time, save money.

Take control of your business, reduce mistakes, have instant access to all your business critical documents on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, anywhere in the world.

Post scanning with Paperclick will give you safer, more accessible documents, at a lower cost. The return on investment for post scanning an archive is typically 4 years.

 Why should you choose Paper Click?

Paperclick, based in Saffron Walden, was established in 2015. Through our years of experience, we have become a market leader in document scanning and digital printing. 

Our mission is to provide outsourced Post Scanning working with businesses in the private and public sectors to help them transition from paper to digital. 

Our vision is to be known locally as the best provider of exceptional customer service, saving you time and money. Our knowledgeable and expert team continually strives to improve our services, and we will go above and beyond to deliver services of the highest quality at all times.

Benefits of Post Scanning:

Post-scanning is a quick and accurate way to digitise mail and other physical documents. By scanning physical documents, your business will reduce the time and cost associated with the manual sorting and filing of documents and reduce the amount of physical storage space needed to store them. Post-scanning allows documents to be easily stored, managed, and quickly retrieved when needed. 

Cost Saving: 

Scanning documents eliminates the need to manually sort, file, and store physical documents, thus effectively reducing administrative costs. Scanning your company’s documents eliminates additional physical storage space, allowing organisations to free up resources for other areas. 

Enhances Efficiency: 

Post-scanning also enhances efficiency; the documents scanned quickly, stored electronically, and retrieved when needed will improve your business’s efficiency. Since documents are stored electronically, multiple users can simultaneously access them, increasing productivity. Our post-scanning in Essex allows documents to be quickly shared with external parties, eliminating the need to physically mail documents.

Improved Organisation: 

Post-scanning helps organisations comply with data privacy regulations. By storing documents electronically, organisations can ensure that only authorised individuals have access to sensitive documents. Additionally, scanned documents can be backed up, providing your business with an extra layer of protection in the event of a data breach or other disaster.


A clear, easy to understand price model to help you budget. Get a fixed price when we assess the job. This includes every part of the process:

  • Survey plus sample box pre order
  • Collection and redelivery (if required)
  • Preparation (no time limit)
  • Scanning (up to A3 and Duplex)
  • Full Colour
  • Full OCR
  • PDF or TIFF Format
  • Shredding and disposal (subject to written approval daily)
  • Drive for the files (HDD, USB, Cloud)


Process scanning is priced based on a “per sheet” basis and has a starting price of 3p per page based on all the above criteria. However this is more likely to be a bespoke quotation due to the nature of the work.

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The team at our Essex print studio go above and beyond to cater to each of your specific needs.

We can digitise all types of documents and tailor our service to meet your individual needs. We will take the time to find out about your project and discuss with you the best way to handle it. 


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